Professional Teeth Cleaning for Dogs and Cats in Charlotte, NC

A key component of your dog and cat’s overall health is their dental health. At Partners Animal Hospital in Charlotte, we provide oral exams and professional teeth cleaning services to help treat and prevent dental disease. Dental disease is a common infection in pets and can lead to more serious health issues such as tooth loss and infection of the heart, liver, and kidneys. Thankfully, this disease can be prevented through a comprehensive dental care plan for your pet. Our team is happy to help provide professional teeth cleaning services and recommendations for at-home care to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come.

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cat and dog teeth cleaning in charlotte, nc

What Is Dental Disease?

Dental disease is caused by a buildup of tartar and plaque on your pet’s teeth. This buildup can allow bacteria to get under their gums, slip into their bloodstream and lead to more serious health problems. Pets need help maintaining their oral health and should have a dental checkup at least once a year, along with routine teeth cleanings.

When we perform an oral exam, we look for the following symptoms to determine if your pet is due for a teeth cleaning:

  • Bad breath
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Drooling
  • Dropping food while eating
  • Chewing on one side when eating
  • Rubbing at face and mouth
  • Avoiding chew toys

What Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning Procedures Typically Involve

Many oral problems can be easily missed as they are concealed below the gum line. For our team to find any potential issues, your pet will need to be placed under general anesthesia so we can perform a comprehensive assessment. This allows us to properly examine each tooth and check under the gums.

Here is what to expect at an appointment:

  • After a health evaluation and blood work, your pet is placed under general anesthesia so we can perform a more thorough exam and proceed with cleaning your pet’s teeth.
  • We also perform any necessary dental X-rays to check for hidden abnormalities or damage
  • We clean the teeth above and below the gum line, as well as, polish the enamel and apply a fluoride treatment to protect your pet’s teeth from plaque and tartar buildup.

At-Home Dental Care

At Partners Animal Hospital, we strongly recommend beginning to brush your pet’s teeth while they are young so they can properly adjust to the procedure. In addition to regular teeth brushing, we’re also happy to recommend products for at-home dental care to maintain their oral health between visits. Call our hospital today and a knowledgeable team member will assist you in booking an appointment!