Helpful Solutions for Pet Allergies in Charlotte, NC

Is your pet scratching or licking more often than usual? They might be dealing with a skin disorder, parasites, or allergies. We often see allergies in dogs and cats, and have the ability to explore a variety of solutions to relieve their symptoms. With a thorough exam, blood work, and a discussion about your pet's specific problem, we can work together to relieve their itchy skin and any other issues they are experiencing.

To get your pet's itching under control and improve their comfort, contact Partners Animal Hospital today!

Common Symptoms of Allergies in Pets

Think your pet might be dealing with an allergy? While these symptoms are not a given, we typically see them in allergic dogs and cats:

  • Scratching, chewing, or licking at the skin
  • Red, raw skin
  • Hair loss (due to licking and scratching)
  • Runny eyes and nose
  • Rubbing at ears and face
  • Red or irritated eyes
  • Unpleasant odor (from infected skin or ears)
Golden Retriever In Field

What Causes Allergies in Dogs and Cats?

Just like people, our pets can experience allergic reactions to certain allergens they encounter. These allergens may include:

  • Pet or human dander
  • Pollen, grass, and mold spores
  • Dust and dust mites
  • Fleas
  • Synthetic materials
  • Dyes and other chemicals
  • Food ingredients such as beef, chicken, eggs, soy and wheat

How Can We Help Your Pet?

Before we can administer treatment to help your pet, we need to see them for a physical examination and possible blood work. We do not offer allergy testing in-house, but if we think it is needed, we can refer to a veterinary dermatologist. Our team can also check your pet for fungal infections, mites, and other skin-related problems.

Keeping your pet's condition under control includes relieving their itchy skin, and possibly administering antibiotics for any existing infections. Partners Animal Hospital also offers a variety of topical medications, oral medications, and hypoallergenic diets. We take an individualized approach to allergy management, which is typically ongoing, and we will work with you to find the best solution for your pet's unique needs.